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Velika Ciglena, one of the most popular Geothermal Power Plants in the world, came to life with us ...

Turkey's first private geothermal power plant that converts the electrical energy into establishing local and renewable resources MB Holding; It broke new ground and realized the Velika Ciglena-1 project, which is the first geothermal power plant in Croatia, in Bjelovar in 2019.

The Velika Ciglena-1 Geothermal Power Plant is the first geothermal project to switch from exploration phase in Croatia to geothermal water and electricity production. The plant, which has an installed capacity of 16.5 MWE, generates 10 MWE electrical energy.

When the re-injection method is done correctly in the facilities, it provides the opportunity to produce 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Underground geothermal water occurs when many minerals are dissolved. Since the carbon dioxide gas that nature needs is in this water, the waters in the well can come to the earth with its own pressure. The temperature of this water, which is in the range of 180-200 degrees, consists of the evaporation of a petroleum-based oil, which evaporates very quickly. Then it turns those gas tribunes and retains them by making them cooler liquid in the closed system. Geothermal water coming out from underground is re-injected underground again to be at least 75 degrees. Even a little liquid does not remain on the earth. How much water is taken, it is re-injected after the procedures. Configure the correct re-injection method this way.

Since 100% re-injection is applied, there is no environmental pollution and the geothermal fluid is pressed back to the reservoir as a closed circuit without opening to the atmosphere. When the geothermal wells are put into production, using the inhibitor system and dosing units at the beginning of the production well, it is completely prevented that the geothermal fluid causes corrosion and silica deposits in the well and this successful study has set an example for other companies investing in the sector.

The first geothermal power plant, implementing company by representing Turkey, Croatia will continue to carry out their projects.

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